The game between Vilnius FC “Žalgiris” and Lviv FC “Karpaty” was goalless, but neither footballers nor supporters were upset of the result

Both teams had opportunities in this variable game, but the good performance of the goalkeepers did not let to put the ball in the net.

Lithuanian side had more intentions to score in the first half. Just before the break Vytautas Lukša and Linas Pilibaitis made dangerous shots.

After a nice Mantas Kuklys' pass Elivelto went on 1on1, but he did not has much space for action and the Ukrainian goalkeeper went from his place on time.

Ukrainian side warmed up not so fast and was trying to counterattack. They were doing this quite often and standard situations were dangerous.

As Lithuanian side were defending well, “Karpaty” had to try their luck with long shots.

On the other hand, there was really dangerous attack of away side in the second half – the ball went to penalty box after a free kick and then hit a sidebar after the Ukrainian’ shot.

Also, Vytautas Lukša had his chance after one hour of the game.

Twelve substitutions were made in the second half as it was a chance for most players of the teams to participate even a little in the game.

Lithuanian side was much more active in the end of the game and had a few changes, but the game ended without goals.

A part of money collected for selling tickets to the game will be transferred to help children of East Ukraine.

The head coach of “Žalgiris” Valdas Dambrauskas gave thanks to all supporters who came to the stadium and supported this initiative. As the stadium was not full, the coach told that it is normal when the weather is not fine – the temperature was around 0 and it rained a bit.

Furthermore, V. Dambrauskas told, that the game was necessary for the team as it has to feel the rhythm of the game after the break of international games.

The head coach of “Karpaty” Igor Jovicevic expressed the same opinion about the game and told about the possibility to play a friendly game versus “Žalgiris” in Lviv.

The captain of Lithuanian team Deividas Šemberas told that this friendly game was as preparation for A lyga game versus FC “Atlantas” Klaipėda. The game will be held on Friday, the 3rd of April in LFF stadium. Kick off – 19.30.

FC “Žalgiris” Vilnius 0 – 0 FC “Karpaty” Lviv

“Žalgiris”: Armantas Vitkauskas (46’ Saulius Klevinskas), Egidijus Vaitkūnas, Algis Jankauskas, Deividas Šemberas, Andro Švrljuga, Linas Pilibaitis (71’ Georgas Freidgeimas), Yury Kendysh (46’ Artak Yedigaryan), Jakub Wilk (46’ Serge Nyuiadzi), Mantas Kuklys (58’ Paulius Janušauskas), Vytautas Lukša, Elivelto (77’ Julius Momkus).

“Karpaty”: Roman Mysak (74’ Ivan Siletskyi), Ivan Lobay (46’ Igor Poruchynskyy), Igor Khudobyak, Andrii Hitchenko (69’ Igor Plastun), Artur Novotriasov, Oleg Golodiuk (61’ Yuriy Yastrub), Volodymyr Kostevych, Denys Kozhanov (74’ Taras Zaviyskyy), Artur Karnoza (61’ Volodymyr Savoshko), Vadym Strashkevych, Mikhailo Serhiichuk (78’ Yurii Zakharkiv).